Applicazioni VAM


Paolo Trayter & Co. Sas APPLICAZIONI VAM, is a leadering company in the field of electrical heating, thanks to the use of the best materials and to the collaboration of highly specialized technicians. Its founder was Mr. Carlo Trayter who managed the company for several years with great wisdom and skill; his son Paolo succeded him in 1998.
Founded in 1944, APPLICAZIONI VAM Sas has a nation-wide historical presence in the costruction-using special methods - of HEATING PLATES and ELECTRICAL RESISTORS, tubular and ring shaped, for the hot-moulding of plastic, rubber and wood. It can also:

- make HOLES, up to 4 meter depth, even on the customer's materials;
- supply HEATING SYSTEMS for any type of mould or special machinary;
- convert ELECTRICAL PLATES in to STEAM PLATES, and viceversa.

The quality of the products, and the compliance with the customer's needs are the pride of APPLICAZIONI VAM Sas, which offers a sound and reliable production, and also the competence of a Company with a great tradition.